Knight Shot Heavy Duty Lat Pull-Down Machine | 1310*840*2300MM

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Knight Shot Heavy Duty Lat Pull-Down Machine | 1310*840*2300MM



  • Product Name: Lat Pull Down
  • Dimension: 1255*1110*2300mm
  • Net Weight: 206kg
  • Weight Stack: 90kg
  • Steel Pipe Dimension: φ76*3mm
  • Main Frame Steel Pipe Thickness: 3mm
  • Welding Technology: Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Welding Seam Strength: 6kN/cm
  • Surface Spray Coating Technology: Electrostatic Powder Spray Coating
  • Shock Absorption, Balance Adjustment for Ground Contact: Available
  • Steel Wire Rope Material: High carbon steel wrapped with nylon
  • Steel Wire Rope Diameter: 4.8mm
  • Cushion Material: PU leather and polyurethane foaming
  • Fitness Label/Indicator: Available


  • The Lat Pull-Down is a highly versatile and durable product. It is made of high quality material that makes the product last long. Designed for perfect for Upper-body workouts. Perfect for trainers who want to train hard to increase size and strength. It can be used on other machines but provides a variety of cable attachment for pulldowns and close grip. It’s never too late to achieve your desired fitness in the comfort of your own home.
  • The whole machine with high manufacturing precision and imported transmission parts, could realize the same standard of noise, run-out and resistance compared with top brands, unsolvable within China.

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