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Tornado Platinum Tour Edition Foosball Table In Culcuta Marble

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Tornado Platinum Tour Edition Foosball Table In Culcuta Marble

The is designed for professional and tournament play, and it is built to be incredibly sturdy and durable. It features a heavy-duty cabinet, counterbalanced men, and a thick playfield to ensure a smooth and reliable playing experience.

Rod Configuration :

The  typically comes with either three-goalie or one-goalie rod configurations. The three-goalie configuration means that there are three goalkeepers on each team, which is the standard configuration for most professional tournaments.

Foosball Men :

The foosball men on the  are typically made of durable materials and are counterweighted to provide better control and precision during play.

Ball Return System :

It usually has a ball return system that makes it easy to retrieve the ball after a goal is scored. This feature ensures a quick and continuous game without much interruption.

Leg Levelers :

The table may come with leg levelers, allowing players to adjust the height and stability of the table to suit their preferences and the playing surface.

Scoring System :

It often includes an integrated scoring system that makes it easy to keep track of the score during games


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